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Who We Are

Banking With a Difference

Our Story

Julian Young Enterprises and Dayspring Bank are proud to announce the launch of Young Bank, a transformative partnership that will empower traditionally underserved communities in Nebraska with the resources to prosper.

Since 2008, Julian and his wife Brittany have been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in Nebraska by breaking the cycle of generational poverty in underserved communities. They’ve used their network and resources to make it possible for people who would not otherwise be able to get started on their own to open up their own businesses, providing jobs and opportunities for others.

Dayspring Bank has been serving Nebraska communities for more than 100 years, offering small-business loans and other financial services designed to help grow local economies. This new partnership brings together two institutions committed to making a difference in their community—one by offering financial services designed specifically for small businesses, families, and individuals; the other by empowering entrepreneurs with access to those same financial services that they may not have been able to access otherwise.

The result is Young Bank: an innovative, community-driven banking institution designed to empower traditionally unbanked communities with the resources they need to prosper and thrive!

Young Bank provides everything you need to get started: a small business loan or line of credit, an online platform for managing your money 24/7, free financial education, small business resources, and more.

We believe everyone has the right to access and participate in the global economy. Young Bank was founded with the purpose of empowering those who have been economically “excluded” by our traditional financial institutions to do so.

Empowering Our Culture

Why We’re Different

We are community-focused

We work with leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs committed to impacting their communities in a positive way.

We capitalize transformation

We are committed to helping finance and capitalize projects that will bring transformational change to their communities.

We're a full-service bank

From small business loans and lines of credit, to business checking and savings accounts, we can serve all your banking needs.

We Value Inclusion

At Young Bank we want to see everyone win. Regardless of race or background, everyone deserves to thrive and prosper financially.

An Inclusive Bank

The Global Economy Should Be Open and Accessible to All

We provide secure, user-friendly banking solutions for the underbanked so that everyone can take part in the global economy.

Young Bank offers an inclusive, digital community bank experience built to serve communities, businesses and professionals. It’s all inclusive, so you can do what you do best—create new opportunities for yourself and others.

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